History of the APIMEDA Lifebook

The APIMEDA Lifebook was first published in Spring 2014, after the Coalition for Critical Asian American Studies (CCAAS) published their Open Letter calling for the its creation, among other things. A group of CCAAS students worked with staff at the Cross-Cultural Center to gain assistance related to what it would look like to have this information published, and were able to make it available for students attending Triton Day in 2014.

The second edition of the APIMEDA Lifebook was published in 2015 and reprinted in 2016 as a partnership between the Asian Pacific Islander Student Alliance (APSA) and Kaibigang Pilipin@ (KP). They were able to work with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to get funding for its printing to make it more widely available to admitted students at Triton Day.

With the establishment of APIMEDA Programs and Services, the task of updating and printing the APIMEDA Lifebook moved to this office. Information about more resources, student experiences, and APIMEDA staff and faculty were added.

You can view past issues of the APIMEDA Lifebook online here: