Asian Pacific Islander Middle Eastern Desi American (APIMEDA) Programs and Services provides community and retention support for students who are part of our large and diverse APIMEDA communities.

APIMEDA Programs and Services is the newest initiative within the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion organizational structure. As a new office, we are continuing to develop and grow programs that help our large and diverse APIMEDA population find their place and thrive at UC San Diego.

APIMEDA Programs and Services encourages community development, enhances coalition building with and within the APIMEDA students, staff and faculty, fosters greater visibility for the diversity within the APIMEDA community, and helps students gain skills for success in their future careers. APIMEDA Programs and Services serves students from a variety of ethnic and cultural groups that make up the Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Southwest Asian North African American communities.

Taking into considerations the access and achievement disparities between and amongst APIMEDA people, APIMEDA Programs and Services is tasked with providing sustained support and resources that improve APIMEDA student experiences and “truly take into consideration the voices of the students and communities" (CCAAS, 2014).

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