Past Events

Here are some of the events we have hosted in the past. Feel free to follow our Facebook page to keep up  with our events in the future!

Ask APIMEDA Series

Ask APIMEDA Faculty: Nervous about talking with faculty? You aren't alone. We hear about it all of the time. Come join APIMEDA Programs and Services and some of our faculty friends for cookies, tea, and coffee to have a chat about faculty interactions and ways that they think you can approach them to feel better about these interactions.Ask APIMEDA Seniors: Ever wonder what life is like as a senior in college? Come hear it from seniors themselves! Get advice, hear about their journey, and ask questions that can help you enhance your college experience.Ask APIMEDA Advisors: What would you ask academic advisors if you could ask them anything? Curious as to what it's like to be a departmental or college advisors? Come hear from our advisors who are all UCSD alumni themselves and ask questions!

APIMEDA LGBTQ Family Gatherings

APIMEDA Family Dinner: Join the LGBT Resource Center for a queer APIMEDA family dinner! We'll gather 'round the table and eat up while we discuss intersecting APIMEDA and LGBTQ identities.APIMEDA LGBTQ Family Luncheon: A closed space for members of the UC San Diego community who identify as APIMEDA LGBTQ to come and talk about their common experiences.APIMEDA Sushi Rolling Party: Join the LGBT Resource Center and APIMEDA for a queer family dinner! This quarter we'll be having a sushi rolling party, so come by and make sushi with us!   We'll also have a couple of options for what you can put in your sushi, vegetarian options included.APIMEDA Family Lip Sync Battle: APIMEDA and the LGBT Resource Center are back with our APIMEDA family event for Out and Proud!! This time we’re are hosting an APIMEDA Family… BATTLE where everyone can LIP SYNC THEIR HEART OUT in a friendly competition where everyone wins!!APIMEDA Bread Party: Join us for this quarter's queer APIMEDA family hangout, APIMEDA Bread Party! This time around, we'll be having a bread party as we watch some shows, so don't miss out on fun times! With Regents Pizza and pastries from 85°C Bakery, you can get this bread as you bond with community and destress.

APIMEDA Study Jams

Slime Making & Coloring: Hi Folks! APIMEDA is hosting its first Study Jam! Come and catch up on studying, get some food, take a break and make some slime or color. :)Scrub Your Stress Away: Make DIY body scrubs while taking some time to relax and destress before this finals season! Join us for our last event of the academic year. We'll have all of the supplies for you to make your own unique scrub to help you scrub the stress away!Bath Bombs and Boba: Jam, cram, make fizz, and pass that quiz. Come destress, customize your own boba drink, and make your own bath bombs and body scrubs with us!Self Carecakes: Final are around the corner, but don't forget about self care! Make bath bombs and body scrubs for yourself or a friend, and enjoy some cupcakes with us!

Discovering Your Career Compass Workshops

The Discovering Your Career Compass workshops are meant to help APIMEDA students learn strategies that can help students use what is important to them to find their academic and career paths. You can attend a general workshop, which will give you a sense of some of the strategies and allow you to engage with other students about how you can all learn these strategies. You can also apply to attend a small group workshop, which will provide more specific information related to developing your Career Compass and provide you with opportunities to connect one-on-one with advising and other staff who can help you use the strategies you learned.Learn strategies that help you consider your strengths, your personal values, and your cultural values to find direction to lead you on your academic and career paths.Join APIMEDA Programs and Services for the Discovering Your Career Compass workshop!! Learn strategies that help you consider your strengths, your personal values, and your cultural values to find direction to lead you on your academic and career paths. Have opportunities to meet different staff who can work with you to align your academic and career paths.

More Events

Community and Coalition ConferenceAsian American Community ForumDesi Community ForumAsian Pacific Islander Mental Health PanelFilm Screening and Conversation with Quyen Nguyen-LeStudent Workshop with Yemen Blues: In this interactive workshop Ravid will talk about his roots and inspiration in forming Yemen Blues, as well as demonstrate and perform the instruments and sources of African and Blues music that are key to his sound. He feels strongly that through music you can connect cultures and people in powerful and unifying ways.APIMEDA Transfer Mixer; Come meet other APIMEDA Transfer students in your community enjoy some free food, and join us for some stress relieving activites!APIMEDA Meet & Greet with CAPS: Did you know that CAPS currently has 10 APIMEDA staff?   Come by and meet the APIMEDA CAPS staff on a personal level and learn more about the support and services that they can offer. Learn more about navigating the process to meet with a counselor as well as learning about groups and other opportunities available!Migration & Home: Come join APIMEDA in the exploration of the concepts of migration and home and how they could shape a person's experiences and identity.Amreeka Screening: Amreeka centers on a single mother who immigrate to Illinois with her son from Palestine as the US prepares to invade Iraq. The family must adjust to the culture clash and prejudice. Fractures in AAPI Panethnicity: During this talk, Dr. Poon will trouble the long-established campaign for ethnically disaggregated data among AAPI college students, community organizations, institutional leaders, and researchers affiliated with the field of Asian American studies. Growing a Multi-Faith Campus Movement for Racial Justice: UC San Diego Hillel, Cross Cultural Center, Black Resource Center, and Asian Pacific Islander Middle Eastern Desi American Programs (APIMEDA) are thrilled to host Yavilah McCoy for a day of multi-faith learning and social justice collaboration. Yavilah McCoy is an activist, educator, and spiritual teacher who has worked extensively within diverse communities to increase racial justice and expand equity and inclusion. Things Left Unsaid: Join us for a conversation about the intersections of racial/ethnic, sexual and gender identities and the role they have on mental health and well-being. Graduating is awesome, but graduation is stressful. If you hate answering the question: What are you doing after graduation? You are not alone! Come through to this APIMEDA event and figure out how to deal with it all. We'll discuss things like: managing your stress, moving, expectations, avoiding annoying family members, and comparing yourself to peers.