How to Join an Organization

If you are interested in an APIMEDA student organization, you can view a partial list of them in the APIMEDA Lifebook. You can find a link to the current Lifebook in the Lifebook tab of this website. The Lifebook also has contact information or another way that you can communicate with the members and learn more about their organization.

You can also find more information about all registered UC San Diego student organizations through the Center for Student Involvement. They list contact information for each organization. You can contact each organization directly to get information about how to join.

Can’t find an organization that you’d like to join? Start one! You need to have four people to start a registered student organization at UC San Diego. You can find more information about this through the Center for Student Involvement’s website. If you are hoping to form an APIMEDA identity-based organization, please reach out to the APIMEDA staff. Maybe we can help!