Affiliate Organizations

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Student organizations that center the experiences of APIMEDA students at UC San Diego are encouraged to affiliate with APIMEDA Programs and Services,  Affiliated organizations are asked to do three things:

  • Share organization contact information and executive board member names and contacts with the APIMEDA Community Assistant.
  • Send a representative to the quarterly APIMEDA Student Organization Mixer.
  • Share information with your organization about APIMEDA Programs and Services events and volunteer opportunities

As an Affiliate with APIMEDA Programs and Services, we hope to assist you with developing you and your members to have strong leadership, communication, and career skills.  We also want to help you connect with the student community and encourage students to join your organizations.  As an affiliate, we hope that you gain the following:

  • The opportunity for your members to participate in our Co-Curricular Record approved activities.
  • Opportunities to be featured in the APIMEDA Lifebook.
  • Support, mentoring, and leadership development of you and your board by the APIMEDA Programs and Services staff.
  • A support network amongst the leaders of the APIMEDA Affiliated organizations.

Members of APIMEDA Affiliated organizations are the only people eligible for the APIMEDA Scholar Leadership Program.  You can view the flyer here. Each member can find the CCR Checklist for all tasks here.  Please connect with the APIMEDA Program Manager to make sure that your organization can have its meetings and volunteer opportunities counted as completed tasks.