Resources for APIMEDA Organization Leaders

APIMEDA Programs and Services would like to help your organizations continue to be strong!

APIMEDA Affiliates Program

The APIMEDA Affiliates Program is a way for us to form relationships with student organizations. This is a test for the 2017-2018 academic year, and we are hoping that this helps to support organizations through receiving extra promotion and helping to engage APIMEDA Affiliates in the future of APIMEDA Programs and Services. See the Affiliates tab for more information.

APIMEDA Program Manager

Windi has over fifteen years of working with student organizations and helping them to be successful. You can come to meet with her one on one or talk with her about leadership trainings for your executive board or general bodies, event planning, group dynamics, or how they fit within the APIMEDA community.

APIMEDA Community Assistants

The APIMEDA Community Assistant positions allow us to communicate with student organizations and plan mixers and events for APIMEDA students in order to help with their retention and success at UCSD. We help facilitate programs to make APIMEDA students feel a sense of home and connection a larger connection to the UCSD campus. We are also tasked with helping to connect APIMEDA student leaders and organizations. Come to meet with us so that we can help you connect with one another and incorporate your needs into our programming.


APIMEDA Programs and Services has a number of partnerships with CAPS. There are currently three CAPS Counselors who have a direct relationship with APIMEDA Programs and Services, and are tasked with doing outreach to the APIMEDA community. They also work with other CAPS staff to do additional outreach programming. They can lead a variety of workshops for your executive boards or GBMs, provide resources, or partner with you on new programs. You can connect with them directly, or contact one of the APIMEDA staff to help you get connected. Our CAPS Liaisons are:

  • Dr. Leah Tappero
  • Dr. Dianna Quach
  • Dr. Niyatee Sukumaran

University Organization Programming Resources