Resources for Staff and Faculty

APIMEDA Programs and Services is committed to helping UC San Diego staff and faculty remain connected to current and emerging research and scholarship related to ways to best serve our large and diverse APIMEDA student population.  Below are some resources that provide an increased understanding of APIMEDA student communities and experiences.

In addition, APIMEDA Programs and Services will host a reading group for interested staff and faculty to come together, learn more, and discuss ways to develop better resources and support for our students each summer. The readings from those gatherings will be archived in the APIMEDA Lunch and Learn tab.

Please remember that as UC San Diego staff and faculty, we have access to a wealth of academic knowledge through the UC San Diego Library. The UC San Diego Library has subscriptions to several journals and other resources that may allow you access to full text from your desk. We encourage you to explore these options and find additional resources through the UC San Diego Libraries.





Below is a brief collection of books that you may find helpful to read in learning more about APIMEDA students, communities, and histories.  This is not a comprehensive list, but a place to start your reading.

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Higher Education, edited by Doris Ching and Amefil Agbayani

Asian Americans on Campus, by Rosalind Chou, Kristen Lee, and Simon Ho

Designing Transformative Multicultural Initiatives, edited by Sherry Watt

Focusing on the Underserved, edited by Sam Museus, Amefil Agbayani, and Doris Ching

Islamophobia in Higher Education, edited by Shafiqa Ahmadi and Darnell Cole

Multicultural Competence in Student Affairs, by Raechele Pope, Amy Reynolds, and John Mueller

Muslim American Women on Campus, by Shibana Mir

New Directions for Higher Education: Contemporary Issues Facing Asian Americans in Higher Education, edited by Samuel Museus and Marie Ting

New Directions for Student Services: Bridging Research and Practice to Support Asian American Students, edited by Dina Maramba and Corinne Kodama

The Asian American Achievement Paradox, by Jennifer Lee and Min Zhou

The Misrepresented Minority, edited by Samuel Museus, Dina Maramba, and Robert Teranishi

The Ocean in the School: Pacific Islander Students Transforming Their University by Rick Bonus

Transformative Practices for Minority Student Success, edited by Dina Maramba and Timothy Fong