Resources for Staff and Faculty

APIMEDA Programs and Services is committed to helping UC San Diego staff and faculty remain connected to current and emerging research and scholarship related to ways to best serve our large and diverse APIMEDA student population.

Each summer, APIMEDA Programs and Services will host a reading group for interested staff and faculty to come together, learn more, and discuss ways to develop better resources and support for our students. The readings from those gatherings and other gatherings that we have throughout the year will be archived here.

Please remember that as UC San Diego staff and faculty, we have access to a wealth of academic knowledge through the UC San Diego Library. The UC San Diego Library has subscriptions to several journals and other resources that may allow you access to full text from your desk. We encourage you to explore these options and find additional resources through the UC San Diego Libraries.




APIMEDA Lunch & Learn

Each summer, APIMEDA Program and Services will coordinate an APIMEDA Lunch & Learn summer reading series.  We will identify readings that staff and faculty can read, and then come together to discuss the readings, gain further insight, and think about the ways that the reading can better inform the ways that we work to serve our students at UC San Diego. 

For Summer 2018, we will be reading the Winter 2017 edition of the New Directions for Student Services entitled "Bridging Research and Practice to Support Asian American Students". This volume was designed to further a conversation about the experiences and needs of Asian American college students on college and university campuses.  The volume sold out soon after it was published, and the publisher is only producing online versions of the New Directions for Student Services editions moving forward.  At the end of the summer, we will be raffling a few copies of the print version that we were able to purchase before it sold out.

You can access all readings in this edition here.  Please note that you will need to be on the UC San Diego Network in order to gain access to UC San Diego Library's subscription to this volume.  This is usually something that you can do from your office computer.

Please register for sessions for the Summer 2018 APIMEDA Lunch & Learn program here.  While you are welcome to register for as many as you can attend, we recommend that you attend at least three different sessions this summer.

Please see the chart below for information about the dates, readings, and locations for each meeting.  All sessions will take place from 11:30 am to 1 pm.  Participants are encouraged to bring their lunch with them to the session.

June 27 Complexities of Racial Identity Development for Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) College Students Cross-Cultural Center Art Space
July 10 Reconsidering Asian American Student Development Career Center Round Room
July 25 Race, Religion, and Spirituality for Asian American Students Career Center Round Room
August 1 Academic and Career Development: Rethinking Advising for Asian American Students Cross-Cultural Center Art Space
August 8 Asian American Student Engagement in Student Leadership and Activism Cross-Cultural Center Art Space
August 22 Contextualizing Asian American College Student Psychological Health Cross-Cultural Center Art Space
September 5

From Reflection to Refraction &

Resources to Learn More About Asian American Students

Cross-Cultural Center Art Space

For a copy of the APIMEDA Lunch & Learn brochure, click here.

For a copy of the Summer 2018 APIMEDA Lunch & Learn flyer, please click here.